COVID-19 Regulations for staying in SAM 2021-2022

  • Should University Lectures be fully online with no face to face teaching SAM will remain open and no refunds will be offered to students who wish to terminate their licence agreements before the end of the Academic Year.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the Halls of Residence at any time. No overnight guests are to stay. SAM is for the exclusive use of current Residents. Breach of this clause will result in a seven-day notice of termination being issued for breach of responsibilities resulting in the licence being revoked for behaviour in a way that is antisocial.
  • Seven people permitted in the common room and one person in the kitchen area at any one time. People must adhere to social distancing
  • The Kitchen must be cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant spray on all surfaces each time you use the facilities and all your own items (dishes/pots/cutlery etc.) removed to a press or personal storage box so that the kitchen is ready for the next resident. A rota will be set up for kitchen waste bins to be emptied daily.
  • Exercise Social Distancing (currently 2 meters) at all times in the Residences.
  • Do not allow another person inside your room unless requested by the Residence Office for administration, security, cleaning or maintenance requirements.
  • Face Masks are not currently required to be worn in common/shared areas of the Residences however they may be imposed or recommended by Government or SAM Management during the duration of your occupation of SAM.
  • If you develop symptoms of Covid19 you must immediately isolate for 10 days and inform the Reception Office of your situation. There are isolation units on-site and you will be guided to these units if they are available. Otherwise, you will isolate in your room and follow the advice of the SAM Covid 19 team. Contact numbers for the onsite team are 086 8202827 / 087 1433150 / 01 6286391. For health advice please contact the University Student Health Centre or by phone 01 7083878. Do not go to the Student Health Centre in person unless invited to do so by the medical staff. Click here for further details of services offered by the University Student Health Centre.

Last updated: 3rd June 2021